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Byron Center Family Dental restores damaged or missing teeth to provide our patients with optimized oral health and confidence with our comprehensive denture services. With cutting-edge technology and our personalized approach, we are the leading providers of quality dentures in Wyoming, MI. Eliminate collapse, malformation, and aesthetic flaws with our trusted experts.

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At Byron Center Family Dental, our patients' health and happiness are paramount. As such, we restore teeth, chewing, speaking, and aesthetic concerns with custom dentures. Our dentures blend seamlessly with natural teeth, matching their color and texture while complementing our patients' facial features for a long-lasting function that aligns with your needs.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are restorative dentistry treatments that replace missing teeth due to injury, decay, or gum disease. Dentures are removable and designed to adhere to the form of the patient’s mouth, matching the look and feel of their natural smile. They offer the ultimate solution to eliminate cosmetic concerns while promoting enhanced oral health.

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Types of Dentures

In Wyoming, MI, we provide custom-crafted dentures that boast a precise and comfortable fit. The types of dentures we offer include:

  • Complete permanent dentures for patients who’ve lost most or all their teeth.
  • Removable partial dentures for patients who require more coverage.
  • Fixed partial dentures for patients with minor tooth loss looking to alleviate gaps.

Three Qualities Dentures Need for Success

A frequent complaint among patients with dentures is a lack of security. Poor or ineffective snap on dentures often fail to remain in place, leading them to slip, fall out, or become displaced. To prevent these unfavorable occurrences, our dentures are tested for three essential factors: support, stability, and retention.


Are Dentures Right for Me?

Dentures are versatile. However, they may not be the right restoration for every patient. That's why we encourage our patients to schedule a consultation with our dedicated experts. Our team in Wyoming will conduct a full examination, including imagery scans, to assess whether dentures align with your oral health needs and smile aspirations.

Living With Dentures

If you are new to dentures, do not be alarmed if eating and speaking feels funny for the first couple of days or weeks. This may take some adjusting and practice while your muscles and tongue adapt to supporting the dentures and holding them steady. Furthermore, dentures are subject to wear, requiring periodic revisions with your dentist.

Caring for Your Dentures

Taking care of dentures is far from demanding. To clean your dentures, simply remove them and hold them over a towel before rinsing them with a denture cleanser or lukewarm water and brush them using a soft-bristled brush to remove food particles and plaque. Refrain from using hot water, which can warp your dentures.

Maintaining Oral Health With Dentures

Oral health is equally imperative for those with dentures. Brushing your dentures following each meal is important to eliminate stuck-on food deposits and plaque. Furthermore, it's essential to brush your tongue, gums, and palate each morning before inserting your dentures to stimulate circulation and schedule regular check-ups with your dentist to promote optimal oral health. 

Mitigating Further Tooth Loss

When you lose a tooth, you become at an increased risk for further tooth loss. This is due to the gap left by a missing tooth, which decreases the support of nearby teeth. Dentures are beneficial in combating this occurrence, as they hold the remaining teeth in their proper positions.

Let's Discuss Your Denture Needs

If you’re considering dentures to restore the function and beauty of your smile, you’ve come to the right place. Byron Center Family Dental is here to provide you with the support, knowledge, and compassion you need to unlock your most radiant, healthy smile. Contact our team today to schedule your denture consultation.

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